Research : Fatty Food Have Function To Help Slimmed Body

There is not secret anymore if consume fatty food in exceeded volume can cause obesity but a newest research have found the vice versa. You, the man you enjoy fatty food who in diet program can breathe easily.

According to researcher from University of Ireland, the fatty food is not have much affect and influence to hindrance Teman Poker99 your work in decrease the weight. This statement is base on the their research which published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

From that research there are revealed that middle-aged men weight which become the responder have decrease after consume the saturated fat like livestock products and tropical oil with low carbohydrate.

“We have to revise our diet guidelines soon,” said Sherif Sultan, the heart specialist and also the researcher agen poker from this research to Sunday Express. The food or products we should avoid is not fat by the food which contain high carbohydrate. Inside the body, carbohydrate have been processed into sugar which trigger the insulin and cause the fat have accumulated inside human cell.

Due to that, the diet with food which contain high saturated fat have recommended. Fish, meat, avocado, olive oil, cheese are few product which can become the best source of saturated fat. Despite that, the consumptions is also need controlled because everything judi poker in exceeded volume it not good.

Beside helping decrease the weight, consume those food is also helping blood pressure together with suppress the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes type 2.