Few Tips To Know The Expire Beauty Products

One of thing which collected by most women are cosmetic and skin treatment products. Every time there something new, women wan to try although they have many similar products at home. The result is make pile of forgotten products which neglected behind the drawers till it expired.
Few Tips To Know The Expire Beauty Products
Brand Communication Manager from Global SK-II, Fu Shuqi which meet in Taman Anggrek Mall, Jakarta have give fews easy tips for identify the expired beauty products. “In my opinion, the most easiest may for identify the expired product with see the bottle and read how long the product can be keep,” said Fu Shuqi.

The period of time which mention by Fu is the sign or date which printed in the bottle. Generally, the beauty product is indicate how long the product can be used after opened. Y symbol have sign the year and M is mention month. If you have see 1Y6M, it means the products have 1 year and 6 months usable period.

She continue, if the product still in the usable period and you have keep it well then the products is means not expired. “However, the most important is identify the change in the products. Is the color have changed or the smell. If there have any change, then the product unusable and expire,” said her.

For SK-II products there is contain yeast and fermented. Shuqi said that the yellow spot is a normal thing in many SK-II products. But, if the product have weird smell and the color is very yellow there is recommended to throw away