New Trends, Pizza Oil For Cleaning Makeup

Beauty and creativity is always walking together but how long it can be categorize as too far?

Starting from 100 layer makeup till hair frizz using cheetos, now for beauty there are new creativity which use pizza oil for makeup cleaner. This ideas agen Sbobet have appear from the writer of Seventeen, Kelsey Stiegman when have eat pizza with pepperoni. She found that her lipstick have disappear on the second slice.


If this have happen in other women, the first thing is have apply the lipstick back. However, Stiegmann have different with other women and she have fascinating with the capability of pizza oil for cleaning makeup.

Stiegmann then have starting a examination with using her best lipstick which according her that lasting for longer time. After cover the lips with pizza oil, Stiegmann have waiting for few minutes before dust her lip with dry tissues.

Obviously, pizza oil have capability for clean the lipstick from lips perfectly. You could consider judi Sbobet to try this trick if don’t have any makeup cleaner and have eating pizza. According to dermatologist Jeannette Graf, pizzal oil don’t have bad affect to lip except the pizza have a lot of chili peppers.

However, she have recommended to use pizza oil as face cleaner Teman Judi or eye makeup because pizza oil is make for cooking oil not for cosmetic. “There are large possibility if pizza oil can clog the pores because this oil is for cooking not for cosmetic,” said Jeannette.