Research : Fatty Food Have Function To Help Slimmed Body

There is not secret anymore if consume fatty food in exceeded volume can cause obesity but a newest research have found the vice versa. You, the man you enjoy fatty food who in diet program can breathe easily.

According to researcher from University of Ireland, the fatty food is not have much affect and influence to hindrance Teman Poker99 your work in decrease the weight. This statement is base on the their research which published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

From that research there are revealed that middle-aged men weight which become the responder have decrease after consume the saturated fat like livestock products and tropical oil with low carbohydrate.

“We have to revise our diet guidelines soon,” said Sherif Sultan, the heart specialist and also the researcher agen poker from this research to Sunday Express. The food or products we should avoid is not fat by the food which contain high carbohydrate. Inside the body, carbohydrate have been processed into sugar which trigger the insulin and cause the fat have accumulated inside human cell.

Due to that, the diet with food which contain high saturated fat have recommended. Fish, meat, avocado, olive oil, cheese are few product which can become the best source of saturated fat. Despite that, the consumptions is also need controlled because everything judi poker in exceeded volume it not good.

Beside helping decrease the weight, consume those food is also helping blood pressure together with suppress the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes type 2.

Clean The Face Is The Main Key For Having Perfect make Up

Make up is one of women activity which can’t be leave. Every woman have their unique face, color and method in make up their face after practice the make up repeatedly. However, there is also need to know the right steps for having a good make up like using powder pad before apply the powder, eye shadow and blusher, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and few other things.

One of make up in Indonesia, Bubah Alfian, have state that the most important thing before using make up is a clean the face. “Clean a face is one of part from make up perfectness,” said Bubah in The Nivea Experience event.
Clean The Face Is The Main Key For Having Perfect make Up
He continues that when you have make up the face, there are logic if we don’t know the condition of the outside so it can be the make up won’t suit or fit with what you have predicted before. Due to that, for get the perfect make up, Bubah advised that for starting the make up with clean the face firstly.

After that, focus on the base you want to use. Even, before you using the base of make up, get used for having masker or moisturizer for get the skin ready with the makeup application. If it have done, the make up would be look more perfectly and of course would be make you more confident.

Which You Choose, The Treatment In House Or Salon

Body and face treatment is a part of most important thing to keep the appearance and beauty. For have that treatment, there is the fact that you can have it in your house or in the professional place like salon.

However, sometimes both of the choice have considered by women when want to have treatment. So which one the the best choice?
Zivanna Letisha, one of Indonesia Celebrity and one of Indonesia Beauty Pageant have explain that both of treat in house or salon have its own pros and cons. “Maybe in home, it wouldn’t be optimal like in salon because in salon there are someone who can help you and those poeple are professional. The most complicated is sometime we don’t have much time to spend in salon,” said Zivanna in the launching of new soap from Citra.

For that, Zivanna have recommended to choose the treatment place which have meet or adjusted with your needs and requirements. If you don’t have a lot of time, then you can do it in your house. Beside that, Zivanna is also telling that she is happy and proud have using natural treatment because it has been proven never give any problem to her skin.

“So if I go to salon, I am only creambath and beside that I also choose very selective for the salon because I am only choose the salon which have used natural products,” said Zivanna.

New Trends, Pizza Oil For Cleaning Makeup

Beauty and creativity is always walking together but how long it can be categorize as too far?

Starting from 100 layer makeup till hair frizz using cheetos, now for beauty there are new creativity which use pizza oil for makeup cleaner. This ideas agen Sbobet have appear from the writer of Seventeen, Kelsey Stiegman when have eat pizza with pepperoni. She found that her lipstick have disappear on the second slice.


If this have happen in other women, the first thing is have apply the lipstick back. However, Stiegmann have different with other women and she have fascinating with the capability of pizza oil for cleaning makeup.

Stiegmann then have starting a examination with using her best lipstick which according her that lasting for longer time. After cover the lips with pizza oil, Stiegmann have waiting for few minutes before dust her lip with dry tissues.

Obviously, pizza oil have capability for clean the lipstick from lips perfectly. You could consider judi Sbobet to try this trick if don’t have any makeup cleaner and have eating pizza. According to dermatologist Jeannette Graf, pizzal oil don’t have bad affect to lip except the pizza have a lot of chili peppers.

However, she have recommended to use pizza oil as face cleaner Teman Judi or eye makeup because pizza oil is make for cooking oil not for cosmetic. “There are large possibility if pizza oil can clog the pores because this oil is for cooking not for cosmetic,” said Jeannette.

Identify The Different Between Lip Balm, Lip Gloss And Lip Butter

Face skin and body skin is not only the most important thing, there is also another treatment which as important face or body skin, lip. There is due to, lip which not get enough togel Hongkong humidity or natural oil would be very dry and chapped.

For that, there is explain bu skin and sex specialist, Dr Tina Wardhani Wisesa, SpKK (K), FINSDV, FAADV about the importance for women to also give more attention in the lip treatment. “Treatment for lip can be given with lipsalve and protector for lip in form of lip balm or anything which contain vitamin for lip,” said Dr Tina.
Then, the lip treatment is also available in every form like lip balm, lip gloss and lip butter. Confuse? then there are short explanation agen togel about the difference between lip balm, lip gloss and lip butter.

Lip Balm
Lip balm is have texture like candle and have bee used at lip to keep humidity and prevent pain in lip or chapped. Beside that, lip balm is also lighter and more comfortable when aplly into your lip.

Lip Gloss
Lip gloss, generally is used for cosmetic purpose so that it is contains color Teman 4D and can’t lasting for long time like lip balm or lip butter. Then, lip gloss is also not have moist effect for long time.

Lip Butter
Lip butter have more intensify formula and also lighter if apply into lip. The advantages from this is also give more humidity into lip so the lip won’t get easier for dry.

The Important To Clean Face From Make Up

Make up is one thing that can’t separate from women. The research from TNS U&A at 2014 have also found that 80 percents women have used make up for their daily activity.

Using make up is not prohibited. The main problem is when women have used make up and then get lazy to clean it up. Even though, clean the face is one of most important from face treatment, moreover if have using make up for full day.
“Cleaner is absolutely needed, moreover for daily activity. I am sure that few women have used make up in their daily activity,” said dr. Tina Wardhani Wisesa, the sex and skin specialist. She continue that, for women who every day have make up are very recommended routinely to clean their face.

Therefore, the unclean make up and even, accidentally carry into sleep can trigger the comedo or blackhead and acne. Beside that, if you don’t routinely clean the make up with face cleaner, then the dirt from pores and dead skin cell inside the skin would be lifted and removed.

Doctor is also recommended for us to choose the face cleaner which suite and fit our skin to prevent any health issue later like irritation.