Again, Two Retailers Have Terminate The Collaboration With Donald Trump’s Daughter

two giant retailers in United States which is Sears and Kmart have followed Nordstorm to terminate the collaboration with the Ivanka Trump’s fashion label. Ivanka Trump is the daughter from the 45th President of United States of America.

Now, another two giant retailers which owed by Sears Holding Corp have been dismiss 31 products of Trump Home Collection which release by Ivanka Trump from their online sale website. Sears and Kmart are the retailers which focus on sale the house appliance and needs which few of the products is owned by Ivanka Trump. Due to a lot of protest in United States to the Ivanka father which is the current President of United States of America, Donald Trump policy, Sears and Kmart have decide to end the collaboration with the Ivanka.
Again, Two Retailers Have Terminate The Collaboration With Donald Trump's Daughter
Both of those retailer speakers have said their company have terminate the collaboration with Ivanka Trump is not due the protest from the public but only wanted to be focused on the collection which have been proven can delivery profit to company.

“Most of the product is from initiative according to our national economy condition because we want to optimize our online product platform. We will constantly evaluate every product can deliver profit to company and which one not,” said Brian Hanovers, the speaker from Sears Holding Corp.

The collection for house needs owned by Ivanka have starting from furniture, light, bed sheets and many more. In the beginning of this week, Ivanka have become the major topic in U.S after the one of largest department store in U.S, Nordstorm have decided to terminate the collaboration with the Ivanka fashion label.

After that, one of senior advisor of the White House, Kellyane Conway, is also get a lot of critics due to she have promoted Ivanka fashion collection when interview by television. This step is one of ethical violation for the official in U.S who have use their powers for own benefits.

Beside that, Ivanka’s father, Donald Trumps is also show his disappointment in his status at social media. Nordstorm have announced that the termination of this collaboration is the professional decision because the collection from Ivanka is not delivered the profit according to sale target.