Identify The Different Between Lip Balm, Lip Gloss And Lip Butter

Face skin and body skin is not only the most important thing, there is also another treatment which as important face or body skin, lip. There is due to, lip which not get enough togel Hongkong humidity or natural oil would be very dry and chapped.

For that, there is explain bu skin and sex specialist, Dr Tina Wardhani Wisesa, SpKK (K), FINSDV, FAADV about the importance for women to also give more attention in the lip treatment. “Treatment for lip can be given with lipsalve and protector for lip in form of lip balm or anything which contain vitamin for lip,” said Dr Tina.
Then, the lip treatment is also available in every form like lip balm, lip gloss and lip butter. Confuse? then there are short explanation agen togel about the difference between lip balm, lip gloss and lip butter.

Lip Balm
Lip balm is have texture like candle and have bee used at lip to keep humidity and prevent pain in lip or chapped. Beside that, lip balm is also lighter and more comfortable when aplly into your lip.

Lip Gloss
Lip gloss, generally is used for cosmetic purpose so that it is contains color Teman 4D and can’t lasting for long time like lip balm or lip butter. Then, lip gloss is also not have moist effect for long time.

Lip Butter
Lip butter have more intensify formula and also lighter if apply into lip. The advantages from this is also give more humidity into lip so the lip won’t get easier for dry.