The Important To Clean Face From Make Up

Make up is one thing that can’t separate from women. The research from TNS U&A at 2014 have also found that 80 percents women have used make up for their daily activity.

Using make up is not prohibited. The main problem is when women have used make up and then get lazy to clean it up. Even though, clean the face is one of most important from face treatment, moreover if have using make up for full day.
“Cleaner is absolutely needed, moreover for daily activity. I am sure that few women have used make up in their daily activity,” said dr. Tina Wardhani Wisesa, the sex and skin specialist. She continue that, for women who every day have make up are very recommended routinely to clean their face.

Therefore, the unclean make up and even, accidentally carry into sleep can trigger the comedo or blackhead and acne. Beside that, if you don’t routinely clean the make up with face cleaner, then the dirt from pores and dead skin cell inside the skin would be lifted and removed.

Doctor is also recommended for us to choose the face cleaner which suite and fit our skin to prevent any health issue later like irritation.