Which You Choose, The Treatment In House Or Salon

Body and face treatment is a part of most important thing to keep the appearance and beauty. For have that treatment, there is the fact that you can have it in your house or in the professional place like salon.

However, sometimes both of the choice have considered by women when want to have treatment. So which one the the best choice?
Zivanna Letisha, one of Indonesia Celebrity and one of Indonesia Beauty Pageant have explain that both of treat in house or salon have its own pros and cons. “Maybe in home, it wouldn’t be optimal like in salon because in salon there are someone who can help you and those poeple are professional. The most complicated is sometime we don’t have much time to spend in salon,” said Zivanna in the launching of new soap from Citra.

For that, Zivanna have recommended to choose the treatment place which have meet or adjusted with your needs and requirements. If you don’t have a lot of time, then you can do it in your house. Beside that, Zivanna is also telling that she is happy and proud have using natural treatment because it has been proven never give any problem to her skin.

“So if I go to salon, I am only creambath and beside that I also choose very selective for the salon because I am only choose the salon which have used natural products,” said Zivanna.